Invisalign vs Smile Direct Club

clear braces patientEvery person likes the idea of having a perfect smile and well-aligned teeth and today there is no dearth of specialized orthodontic treatments that can help you achieve this. While it’s always important to have a wide choice, it’s even more important to make the right one.

Santa Clara Family Dental is a leading dental office that provides outstanding dental treatments to our patients. When patients come to us, many ask about what Smile Direct Club is and whether the treatments they offer are good. They have heard that Smile Direct Club provides very cost-effective dental services and feel that getting their orthodontics from them would be a good option.

When any client of ours has questions, our Santa Clara dentist do their level best to provide them all the information they seek and make sure they get objective advice. When it comes to Invisalign treatments, there are a number of differences between what we offer and what you can get at Smile Direct Club. Take a look at what they are:

What is Invisalign in Santa Clara?

  • Invisalign is a treatment in which clear aligner trays are utilized to provide results that are akin to conventional metal braces.
  • The trays are practically invisible and you won’t feel conscious while using them in any professional or social settings.  
  • The aligners are made with smooth and lightweight plastic and are extremely comfortable to wear. Once the initial discomfort wears off, you won’t even realize that you’re wearing them.
  • These aligners don’t slip out or even impact your speech in any way.

What Is Smile Direct Club?

  • This is a company which offers clear aligners to help individuals achieve better aligned teeth.
  • The services they provide are designed to eliminate dental office visits and other orthodontist procedures.
  • They only do an initial assessment, provide the aligners, after which the patients need to complete the treatments in their home.
  • The Smile Direct Club has their “Smileshops” in various locations.
  • When you visit the shop, they will take dental impressions.
  • The clear aligners will then me made and sent to your address.

The Disadvantages Of Smile Direct Club

  • Finding a SmileShop near you.
  • Waiting for the aligners to come in via mail.
  • Managing the messy molds yourself at home.
  • Making many post office visits.
  • Anonymous dental professionals managing your treatment.

Is Invisalign or Smile Direct Club?

There are numerous differences between Smile Direct Club and Invisalign at our dental office. When you come to our Santa Clara dentist for Invisalign, we are here to conduct ongoing examinations to determine whether the aligners are effective and that the teeth are moving into position. DIY orthodontics like the ones that Smile Direct Club provides can actually harm your teeth because there is no:

  • Expert supervision by a dentist.
  • Treatment planning.
  • Ongoing oral and periodontal examination
  • Periodic progress evaluation
  • Prescription
  • Stable end-of-treatment assessment

When you choose to get your clear aligners from our office you will get all this and are assured of tangible results. You won’t suffer any complications and can be sure that your overall dental health is also looked after well.

Best Invisalign In Santa Clara Services

At our state-of-the-art dental office in Santa Clara, we use the most advanced technology and make sure that our patients get world class treatments. Your customized clear aligners will be made at an advanced and reputable lab and will be of the highest quality.

Our Santa Clara dentist will conduct regular examinations of your teeth and carefully monitor your progress. This means, you are assured of beautiful and well-aligned teeth safely and quickly.  When it comes to any dental treatment, it’s very important that you consult credible and well-established dentists in Santa Clara.

At Santa Clara Family Dental, our expert orthodontist will assess the overall condition of your teeth before starting on your Invisalign treatment. For a consultation, contact us today at (408) 241-4111 and schedule an appointment.