Dentistry Career Paths to Become a Dentist in San Jose

You have ample number of choices in regards of dentist in San Jose and even dentists in the cosmetic dental in East Foothills. Consult the respective doctor according to your teeth problem.

You must have thought that only one dentist can do everything. NO!!!!! It is not true. There are different doctors to treat different types of health problems, likewise dentists are also of various types. Every dentist is a specialist in some or the other field. If you are from San Jose then you can find best experienced dentist in San Jose and even dentists in the cosmetic dental in East Foothills are having a long term practice experience. Here, in this article you will know about various dentists and the treatment they do.

General dentists are similar to that of doctors who take primary care. They diagnose and treat common problems of teeth of any age and sex people. Their treatment comprises of cleaning and providing maintenance treatment like teeth cleaning, cavity fillings, root canals and fluoride treatments. You can call the general dentist as a family dentist doctor.

Orthodontics – a specialist in aligning jaw and teeth positioning. He utilizes various oral appliances and methods for straightening and realigning teeth. His treatment is comprised of application, design & control of remedial appliances like retainers, braces and many other apparatuses for achieving accurate occlusion and facial balance correcting and straightening the teeth of the patience.

Cosmetic dentist is that dentist who is specialized in the field of aesthetic dentistry. He focuses main on improving the look of the patient and give more priority to it in spite of focusing on the health of the patient. He may play the role of a primary or general dentist apart from cosmetic dentistry. The procedures of cosmetic dentistry include teeth whitening, teeth bonding and veneers.

A specialist who deals with the tissue disease, nerves and blood vessels lying inside a tooth is said to be Endodontists. Root canal (a treatment of removing infected tissues and refilling the tooth’s nerve canal); you must have heard of, is a very common treatment done by an Endodontists. The reasons for facial or oral pain that cannot be diagnosed are easily traced out by him.

The surgical care required for facial bones, teeth and jaws are provided by oral surgeons. This surgery is that specialty that includes disease’s surgical treatment, deformities and injuries of teeth, gums, jaws and mouth. Problems caused due to wisdom teeth, jaw disorders and facial injuries are treated by such type of surgeon and they are also skilled in dental implants and reconstructive surgery.

Periodontists diagnose and treats bones and gums holding the teeth.