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      Dr. Sajid and her team are wonderful. They fit me in on very short notice due to my tooth pain, and were so understanding of my busy schedule that they all stayed late to make sure I got my teeth cleaned. Dr. Sajid is very personable, thorough, and smart. She was great at diagnosing my issues and explaining how to take care of them. Her staff members are warm and make going to the dentist as painless as possible. Best experience I have ever had at a dentist's office.

    thumb Arhana C.

      They are total fraud and it happened with me recently. They would tell you one price/quote for the extraction surgery/cleaning of teeth, and claim more from insurance. When Insurance will refuse to pay overpriced/incorrect fraudulent charges, they will ask patient to pay that and add into payment balance.
      In Detail: I had to extract two wisdom teeth and they told me the price/quote, and how much my Insurance going to cover. So, I paid my deductible and share right upfront before the extraction surgery. Rest everything should be covered from the Insurance as per the original quote.
       Now, after the surgery, I go home and I received a letter from different department of Santa Clara Family Dental that I owe $300 more and I was totally surprised because I already paid my share before the extraction surgery. I went to the clinic right away and clarified with the receptionist named Zari who schedules appointments and claims, she mentioned that they modified the claim portion, type of surgery, and price purposefully after the surgery is done and Dr. Sohail specifically told that not to tell patient about this. So I was totally unaware of this fraud behind my back. They claimed significantly more amount of money to insurance than they gave me the price and on which I paid my share. My Insurance did not pay that extra money for modified quote after my surgery happened and it fell into my part to pay. After clarifying everything with Zari and it was not the patient's fault, and it was mistake from their end as a Dentist and whole dental clinic, she adjusted $300 by putting insurance adjustment and making patient's balance 0.0. I am never going back there again and you should not too if you don't want to get mugged by professionals.

    thumb Renish S.

      I had a piece of a tooth break off and needed a new dentist as I had new insurance. I went here based on the recommendation of a coworker and I was initially really impressed. Friendly and attentive staff. Didn't have to wait long. Everything looked clean and very well thought out to make their patient feel as comfortable as possible. They did full mouth of X-rays and then proceeded to tell me what all needed to be done.  The dentist said I needed a deep root cleaning but I had other issues that she felt took priority. She took care of my initial problem and I scheduled an appointment to continue with the plan. The next time I came in I was surprised to find out they were going to proceed with the deep cleaning. This took two visits and the majority of what my insurance will cover. When it was done I asked if I could give them a post dated check until the following Friday when I got paid. They said of course, you've brought your entire family here so we really like you.  Then they deposited the check which caused me to be overdrawn.  In the mean time both my boys (18 & 21) had their wisdom teeth pulled. After the 1st one was done the dr said it did not cost as much as initially thought, yet no one else has ever mentioned a credit or anything else. My husband also had work done and all three boys were taking care of and happy with the results. Unfortunately, I had another tooth crack & I reluctantly called to schedule another appointment. When I got there they wanted to take more X-rays. When I started to complain that they'd already X-rayed those teeth and how I'm starting not to trust what they do and say based on all of the above, mind you, I'm in a lot of pain, they did the other X-ray and put me in one of the dental chairs. When the dentist finally came in, she proceeded to tell me that this is not a good working relationship and she did not feel comfortable working on me if I don't have total trust in her. Of course I'm upset (I'm in hella pain) and I was definitely raising my voice. I don't know if she was expecting me to tell her I trusted her or whatever, but I didn't want to waste anymore of my day (I had already been there for about 40 min) so I left. I had asked her several times if she was going to work on me or not before I left but she would not answer so I left there still in pain. If I could post this with 0 stars I would DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE!!!!!!!

    thumb Rene M.

      I had an amazing experience with Dr. Saman Sajid and her team today. I had an appointment for myself along with my toddler. They made sure to give us both enough time and treated us very professionally! The clinic is so clean and beautiful and the services are even better! I am so glad I finally found the dentist I was looking for and couldn't be more happier! Will definitely recommend Santa Clara Family Dental to my coworkers, family & friends!

    thumb Samreen I.

Growing up in San Francisco, as the son of Italian immigrants, regular dentist visits were only for those who could afford it. When I visited the local dentist, it would be for an extraction. Both of my parents had dentures. As I was growing up, I made a promise to myself; I would not neglect my teeth.

After I began working, I started regular visits to the dentist and became good friends with him and his family. He did an excellent job taking care of my teeth. Unfortunately, I have always been a grinder when I sleep. After many years of doing so, my teeth became very worn down. When I smiled, you could barely see my teeth. Because of this, I was self-conscious and only smiled with a closed mouth.

One afternoon, my wife Janice said to me that she had done some research, and found a local specialist in cosmetic dentistry. After some discussion, I made an appointment with Dr. Sage for consultation. Dr. Sage spent a lot of time with us explaining in detail all facets of the work that needed to be done. When Dr Sage assured me that he could give me a great smile, I was thrilled.
Dr. Sage is a Master of his profession. The skills and creative talent that he possesses are many. His creativity shines through at all levels of his work. His pursuit of perfection is always present. His love of his work is obvious.
On my first visit, I felt totally relaxed in his beautiful office in Cupertino. During the course of my ongoing visits, I met Dr. Sage’s wife and children who are involved in the business. All of the office staff are very efficient, and always make you feel welcome and comfortable during visits.
What a wonderful feeling it is, to be able to smile boldly, and be proud of my teeth.
Thank you Dr. Sage, you are the Best!

Bert Salvato

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