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      Dr Sajid performed my cleaning and was very thorough. Not to light and not to strong of a hand to ensure my cleaning was done properly. Loved how clean my teeth felt after. Mona performed my flossing and polsihing and was very nice. No pain and teeth sparkling after. I highly recommend this Dental office for any of your dental needs.

    thumb Brandon S.

      Dr. Sajid is by far the BEST dentist I've had so far she's very attentive and detail oriented. I'm usually super nervous for appointments but she made me feel relaxed and taken care of, I also like how she goes in detail with everything vs. you not knowing what is going on etc. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a sweet & professional dentist !!!

    thumb Janeth S.

      I am very disappointed with their highly unprofessional attitude. First time, when I went there I noticed a bit rush. And that's why I explicitly asked if doctor was available for 1 hour for the latest appointment which they confirmed. But I reached there just to find I was still double booked. I was told that next patient is already there and they will finish my treatment in 2 parts either over separate days or I have to wait on other patient in between.

    I don't feel good to drag down their average rating which many new patient relies on including myself but I hope, with this, they will be cautious next time.

    thumb Jay P.

      Dr. Sajid is the best dentist I have ever been to. I have worked in the dental industry for 5 years and never came accross a dentist as amazing as Dr. Sajid. She was very thorough. She patiently explained everything to me and answered all of my questions. Her staff is very friendly and hygienist was exceptional!
    Also, Dr. Sajid is great with kids. My daughter has been Dr. Sajid's patient since she was a year old and the way Dr. Sajid treats her I doubt she'll ever develop the fear of going to the dentist.

    thumb M S.

Growing up in San Francisco, as the son of Italian immigrants, regular dentist visits were only for those who could afford it. When I visited the local dentist, it would be for an extraction. Both of my parents had dentures. As I was growing up, I made a promise to myself; I would not neglect my teeth.

After I began working, I started regular visits to the dentist and became good friends with him and his family. He did an excellent job taking care of my teeth. Unfortunately, I have always been a grinder when I sleep. After many years of doing so, my teeth became very worn down. When I smiled, you could barely see my teeth. Because of this, I was self-conscious and only smiled with a closed mouth.

One afternoon, my wife Janice said to me that she had done some research, and found a local specialist in cosmetic dentistry. After some discussion, I made an appointment with Dr. Sage for consultation. Dr. Sage spent a lot of time with us explaining in detail all facets of the work that needed to be done. When Dr Sage assured me that he could give me a great smile, I was thrilled.
Dr. Sage is a Master of his profession. The skills and creative talent that he possesses are many. His creativity shines through at all levels of his work. His pursuit of perfection is always present. His love of his work is obvious.
On my first visit, I felt totally relaxed in his beautiful office in Cupertino. During the course of my ongoing visits, I met Dr. Sage’s wife and children who are involved in the business. All of the office staff are very efficient, and always make you feel welcome and comfortable during visits.
What a wonderful feeling it is, to be able to smile boldly, and be proud of my teeth.
Thank you Dr. Sage, you are the Best!

Bert Salvato

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